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Police responded to an explosion report just before noon Sunday. Christopher Pekny, of Liberty, New York, was making the device that exploded. He was the future father, according to police.

Pekny’s 27-year-old brother, Michael Pekny, was injured and taken to a nearby hospital, state police said.

The police did not give more information about the type of device it was, except that it was not intended to harm others.

Earlier this month, a Michigan man died after a small cannon exploded during a baby shower, police said. While the gun was not directly related to the gender of the baby, it was fired to “celebrate the baby’s imminent arrival,” Michigan State Police said in a statement.
This most recent death is in line with revelations of the opposite sex, including a wildfire in 2020 in southern California and a plane crash in Texas.
After last year’s fire, blogger Jenna Karvunidis – who is widely credited with starting the gender reveal party – took to Facebook to condemn the inflated events.

“Stop having these silly parties. For goodness sake, stop burning things to tell everyone about your kid’s penis. Nobody cares but you,” she wrote.


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