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Funny name for a football club: the Paotred Dispount of Ergué-Gabéric, not even afraid!  – Name of a footballer!  Funny names for football clubs …

It is in the Official Journal of September 5, 1919 that the company “Les Sans Peur” was declared, the aim of which is “to develop physical strength and the practice of shooting” in the town of Ergué-Gabéric.

In fact, these “Without Fears” are only the officialization of the movement “the children of Notre Dame de Kerdevot” created by Father Louis Le Gall six years earlier, in July 1913, an association on which a gymnastics section depends.

Why this name? “At the time, before and after the 1914-18 war, it was quite common to refer to an association under this name, for example the gymnastics association La Sans-Peur de Nuits-Saint-Georges created in 1911. », Replies historian Jean Cognard. It was not until 1921 that “Les Paotred Dispount” replaced “Les Sans Peur” on official papers.

Breton leonard

“This spelling bears the mark of the Breton taught at the seminary, a Breton leonard because the Finistère priests (including Father Louis Le Gall) were mainly from North Finistère”, write Bernez Rouz and François Ac’h of the Arkae association ( 1) in the Paotred Dispount centenary souvenir book. They even specify that Paotred Dispount is “the faithful reflection of the dialect pronunciation of priests of Leonardo origin, but that a Cornish script would give“ Pôtred Dispont ”.

With us, the post-match snack is shared between players, volunteers and supporters. There is no barrier

“Fearless guys, it shows that we are not afraid to progress and that we are doing everything possible to meet our ambitions”, declares President Jean-François Lagadec from the outset.

Jean-François Lagadec, who arrived at the club at the age of 7, now 57 years old and president since 2001, has experienced the evolution of Paotred closely. “There were two stages with the transition from PH to DSR between 1996 and 2000, then that from DSR to National 3 from 2014 to 2017. Today, all our teams are in the league and we have assets to regain the National 3 and settle there ”.

No barrier

But more than a sporting goal, being part of the Paotred Dispount family involves a state of mind. “With us, the post-match snack is shared between players, volunteers and supporters. There is no barrier ”, insists the president.

“Friendliness is really our DNA. It also comes from the fact that there has always been a lot of activities around the club, the theater and the clique in its beginnings, then women’s basketball etc. », Replies Laurent Huitric, 84 years old, 50 of whom passed as club secretary after having been the first captain of the pennant team at 16 years old.

When they saw the buses coming from Ergué, they set up a ticket booth, so that our supporters had not all entered after 15 minutes of play.

In the history of Paotred, there are obviously memorable moments, colorful characters and anthology matches. Those which took place at Easter until the 1980s, in front of nearly 2,000 spectators against the neighbors of the Amicale Ergué-Gabéric, Briec or Langolen on the occasion of the Tournament of the Valleys.

Penalty at the Saint-Pierre Legion

But also this fifth round of the Coupe de France at the Legion Saint-Pierre de Brest on October 12, 1997. Current technical advisor to the Finistère district, but with the Gaberic jersey on his back at the time, Olivier Cadic remembers it as if it was yesterday. “In Nord-Finistère, they did not charge entry fees. But when they saw all the buses coming from Ergué, they set up a ticket office, so that our supporters had not yet all entered after a quarter of an hour of play. On the pitch, c ‘was electric. There were 1-1. Their president Alain Le Floch, the future president of the Finistère district and therefore my future boss, was behind our goal. At the end of the match, on a contentious action in our area, he had called a penalty and the referee had whistled him. The Legion won 2 to 1. ”

Ker-Anna, this Furiani

Among the dates circled in red, there is also the centenary in May 2013 in which Vincent Bolloré participated. Because the history between the Paotred Dispount and the Bolloré paper mills is intimately linked, which explains why the club’s emblem is a rooster, the same as that offered to René Bolloré during the centenary of the eponymous factories in June 1922.

In 1928, Bolloré thus made land and facilities available to the Paotreds in Ker-Anna. “There was no handrail and as the public was almost touching the players, with mother Bourbigot leaving her umbrella lying around the opposing corners, Ker-Anna was nicknamed Furiani”, adds Olivier Cadic.

Since 1993, the Paotreds have been playing on the Lestonan field.

“We are moving forward, we continue to organize the club,” insists Jean-François Lagadec. Always fearless.

(1) Association for the promotion of the heritage of Ergué-Gabéric.


September 5, 1919

Declaration in the official journal of the “society without fear”

May 18 and 19, 2013

Centenary of the club in the presence of Vincent Bolloré.

May 14, 2017

Thanks to a 1-0 victory over Plouzané, the Paotred Dispount access for the first time in the national championship in N3.

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