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Funny name for a football club: Plougourvest, the star of the North… Finistère – Name of a footballer!  Funny names for football clubs …

To find the name of their club, some call on the fauna (the Rabbits in Guengat…). Others with flora (the Fleur de Genêts de Bannalec…). Still others in the topography. This is the case in Plougourvest, in Nord-Finistère, nestled between Landivisiau and Plouvorn. Here, the football club is called the Étoile Filante. “The town has the shape of a five-pointed star,” explains the mayor, Jean Jézéquel. Simple. And why shooting? “They had to be good”. Not stupid.

Created a few years before the Second World War, the Shooting Star was created thanks to a group of friends, all farmers, and to a man, Pierre Abgrall, its first president. “They wanted to meet up on Sundays for a leisure, and a cheap leisure. They started in a pasture, between cow dung. They themselves sewed a star on their jersey. Some with five branches, others with six. And no question of going to the bistro after the match, they were going back to the fields ”.

The Coupe de France on display at Plougourvest

And then the war struck. The club has been put to sleep. Before being reborn, in 1968, around several families, the Abgrall, of course, but also the Cloarec, the three Larvor brothers, the Jestin, the Jézégou… Always at the District level. A period marked by a surprise guest… the Coupe de France trophy, displayed in a bar in Plougourvest for a week in 1971. “Stade Rennais had just won it. The brother-in-law of a deputy mayor of Rennes was the mayor of Plougourvest, ”recalls Jean Jézéquel.

“They started between cow dung. They themselves sewed a star on their jersey. Some with five branches, others with six ”

A Coupe de France which still gives rhythm to the life of the club. “We were undefeated in the Coupe de France for a year… The secretary at the time forgot to register! Laughs Raoul Quéguiner, former president of the Shooting Star. Who remembers, “a long time ago”, having made a 4th round, synonymous with jerseys offered by the Federation. A Holy Grail for any amateur footballer. “This is the only time. We have the curse of the third round ”, laments Pierre-Yves Tanguy, the current president.

A curse that wants Plougourvest to systematically inherit a more upscale club during this pivotal moment. “This season, we hosted Saint-Renan, a big Regional 1 club. We also played against Plouzané in 2016”.

Plabennec pushed into overtime

And then there was the Stade Plabennecois, a national level club, in 2018. THE club’s highlight. “During the draw, I am disappointed, I tell myself that we will still be deprived of the jerseys,” rewinds Pierre-Yves Tanguy. But the young president recovered quickly. And flocked special jerseys, worn only for this occasion. The match is of the same ilk. Apart. Out of time. In a crazy atmosphere, Plougourvest pushes Plabennec into overtime. And gives up at nothing (2-1).

“We were undefeated in the Coupe de France for a year… The secretary forgot to register us! “

And today ? Plougourvest is still in the District, but hopes to pass the course and play at the regional level in the near future. “We are ripe. We are a town of 1,400 inhabitants which has four senior teams. That’s not common “.

In Plougourvest, we have ambition, around Maël Quéguiner, son of Raoul, passed through Stade Brestois and Plouvorn, and flagship player of the club. But “we don’t take ourselves seriously. I would rather stay in the District with good guys than go up with just anyone ”.

The goal of the year for amateur football

In the meantime, Plougourvest is creating the buzz. Thanks to an exceptional goal signed Ali Abdou Raouf. A magnificent 35-meter strike in the skylight this fall, captured by a camera. A goal which received congratulations from a certain Jean-Pierre Papin. And voted amateur football goal of the year. A goal that had the honor of the beIN Sports channel, too. “When I receive the ball, I tell myself that I would not have the technique to cross, so I tried”, simply explained the left side to the Qatari channel.

“It is one of the figures of the locker room. He received 150 euros for his goal. He told me to buy equipment for the kids at the club, ”says its president. This season, the shooting star of North Finistère is a bit like him.



Creation of the Étoile Filante club in Plougourvest.


L’Étoile Filante lost in the 3rd round of the Coupe de France against Stade Plabennecois (National 3) after extra time.


The club evolves in D1 and aims for the rise at the regional level.

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