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FSB thwarts terrorist attack in Kaliningrad region – RT in english

The FSB has launched an operation to arrest a Russian suspected of planning a terrorist attack in the Kaliningrad region. The individual arrested was recruiting men to carry out terrorist actions.

As reported by the press office of the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation), quoted by the Tass news agency, a man suspected of planning a terrorist attack on a power station in the Kalinningrad region, has was arrested on the night of March 4.

On the spot, the police found in the suspect “an improvised explosive device, instructions on its production, components for the synthesis of explosives and elements of an insulting nature towards the Russian executive and legislative authorities”, he added. said the FSB press office.

The man is said to have prepared these attacks because of his hatred for the current Russian authorities. The FSB also said that the individual was recruiting residents of the Kaliningrad region for terrorist activities.

The intervention, which took place while the suspect was asleep, was filmed by authorities. In this video, armed men can be seen entering the home. When asked by the FSB if he was “ready to take action”, the man replied “yes, I am a suicide bomber”. He further stated that he did not need witnesses during the search and refused to sign any documents. Criminal proceedings were opened and a restrictive measure was imposed on him.

On February 17, 2021, the Russian security services announced that they had arrested 19 Islamist extremists in four regions of Russia. Compromising documents were found during the search of the homes of the suspects, and a cache of weapons was discovered in a forest in the Caucasus.

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