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From Paris to Pontivy, Laurent and Chloé gave up everything to take over a bookstore

If their life was a book, the year that has passed is the new chapter. A little crazy pages that swirl in an even crazier world, where dreams sometimes seem forbidden. Because Laurent and Chloé made the valiant bet to leave everything for a better life. Flee the Parisian suburbs and its streets full of gray. Abandon the convenient routine of the civil service and start a new existence, made up of books and humans. Made of beings and letters. In one of the most beautiful regions there is: Pontivy (56).

See you in Pontivy

Their story, a sort of adventure novel, is now written in rue du Pont, in the Napoleonic city. Precisely at number 28: the bookstore Go anywhere. A Pontivian institution that Laurent and Chloé took over in October 2020 “with a rare sense of timing”, they say ironically. At the time, the period was indeed not conducive to business takeovers, especially when they were not, in the eyes of our technocrats, essential. Fortunately, there was “the click and collect and the national enthusiasm for the month of November: we worked well”, reassures the couple.

It’s not just money in life

Their work, before, was in the territorial function and the bastringue of a Parisian suburb surrounded by asphalt. Correctly paid jobs for a comfortable life. Since they took over the bookstore, Laurent and Chloé have also divided their income by three. “We will never return to the salary level before: our objective is simply to live decently within two years.” Because after all: “It’s not just money in life”.

Appointment in peace

There is also the living environment. “Before, it could take two and a half hours to cover 20 km. Now we go to work quietly and we even pass the castle every morning. There is worse ! », Smiles Chloe. “Our daughter now goes to college on foot, that changes her life”, rejoices Laurent. And then there is “the sea at three quarters of an hour and the bike rides along the canal on Sundays”. It changes at the end of the slopes in Roissy, where they lived.

Nice place, the Pontivy bookstore is worth a detour. Especially that it remains open during confinement!

Customers don’t necessarily know it, but since we are essential businesses, there is no distance limitation. A tolerance of 30 km beyond the department is even accepted

In this month of April, Laurent and Chloé still pout a little: at the bookstore, become essential for the government, paradoxically there are not many people. “If we have worked well the previous months, April is more complicated. With confinement, people go out less, there are fewer people in the streets. Tuesday we only had four people. It’s the desert, plague the couple. Customers don’t necessarily know it, but since we are essential businesses, there is no distance limitation. A tolerance of 30 km beyond the department is even accepted ”. So do not hesitate: we must go! Because this bookstore is, in Pontivy, what a book is to a bookmark: essential.

Go to happiness

Trade as friendly as it is atypical, it is also the only independent bookstore in the Pontivy region. Rendez-vous Anywhere offers 8,000 books in an area of ​​130 m2 with blue and woody decor. Books with often original content. Like the lovely life of this couple who are now awaiting the return of sunny days. Understand, the return of a life without confinement.

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