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The remarkable story of Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti recently went viral on TikTok.

CONNECTICUT, USA – What started as a 60-second article on TikTok has quickly touched the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Cassandra Madison recently went viral after sharing an unlikely story that transcends borders, friendship and brotherhood.

“I didn’t think this was going to happen, I just thought I was doing a TikTok,” Madison told FOX61’s Lauren Zenzie, who embarked on an incredible story.

According to Madison, she became a close friend of Julia Tinetti while they both worked at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven. The two started talking about Tinetti and noticed a Dominican Republic flag tattoo on Madison’s arm and that’s when they realized they had both been adopted by the island nation. of the Caribbean.

The cute encounter could have ended in a lifelong relationship. But other people began to notice that the two women looked strangely alike – like they could be sisters.

“When I started with Cassie I met Julia and I looked at them both and I was like you both looked the same, like you were sisters and she was like no we are no, we were both adopted from the Dominican Republic, ”Courtney Ritchotte, a friend and former colleague of the two women, told FOX61. “And I was like you looked a lot alike, there must be something going on.”

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Over the years, they have played with it – even dressing in “big sister, little sister” clothes at events to convince people that they are related.

Their fun took an unexpected turn when Madison took a 23andMe DNA test to search for her family in the Dominican Republic.

In 2018, Madison connected with her biological family and the siblings she had on the island.

“There’s just a lot of people standing there with T-shirts with my face on. It was the most touching thing I think I have ever experienced, ”she said, recalling her trip to meet them. “My dad and I just hugged, and he didn’t let me go, and I didn’t let him go.

She learned from her father that another brother – a little girl – had also been abandoned for adoption. This made Madison think there might be some truth to her and Tinetti being sisters.

Their adoption papers showed they could have been cousins, but a DNA test didn’t lie – they were, in fact, full biological sisters. They have the same biological mother and father.

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At first, Julia had no interest in meeting her biological family, but now that she has a partner to navigate her new journey with, she is fully on board.

“I met them on FaceTime. It really is a great time. I really want to go visit them now. I just had no interest in doing it myself. You don’t know what your DNA is going to conjure up, ”she said.

A true story of love, family and happiness, unique in a million.

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