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French team: follow the Rabiot and Deschamps press conference before Greece

Deschamps on the lack of stakes in tomorrow evening’s meeting

“When we respect the opponent, we go to the end and we score goals when we have the opportunities. That’s the high level. Afterwards, we can also manage at times during the match. Tomorrow, the The challenge for Greece is to prepare for the play-off. But it remains an international match, we will be judged on what we do.”

Deschamps announces that Griezmann will play tomorrow evening

“Yes, even if it’s 30 seconds, I’ll make him continue his streak”

Deschamps on Coman

“That he can score more goals, good for him, he knows very well that that hasn’t always been the case. It’s better for him for his confidence, to free him up even more. He has the potential to be a starter, like other players too.”

Deschamps on a possible superstition

“Fortunately there is no superstition, otherwise we wouldn’t go to Qatar. We had a good example by being the reigning world champion. Superstition… We’re not going to play on that. We play the match to win it.”

Deschamps on Samba and Areola

“Brice, like his club, had a slightly more difficult start to the season. But he is a competitor, they rectified the situation with RC Lens. Alphonse is doing good things, this year he is playing Premier League matches , he gains in serenity and performs well. The hierarchy is good that it is defined. But it can change in March or June. Competition exists, if I think it is better to do differently …”

Deschamps announces that Samba will start in goal

“Brice Samba will be goalkeeper. For the rest, you’ll see tomorrow.”

Deschamps on Kolo Muani

“He’s doing well, he’s smiling. Less well on the pitch? He can do better. Of course I talk to him in Kolo, as long as he maintains this calmness. He has the qualities. He’s still a young player, who has stages to overcome. But he still has his serenity.”

How Deschamps will manage playing time

“I have eight players playing Friday night… So if I take all the elements into account, I’m going to have the technical staff play tomorrow. We can be very good, not tired and in the end have a problem. That’s a lot elements, I take them into account as much as possible, I will also distribute the times with the five changes.”

Deschamps on the ambition to be flawless

“This is not the Grand Slam of rugby… We are going to play to win, but that is not going to give us any particular guarantees. Finding levers is important, but is that one. .. We want to stay flawless.”

What position for Lucas Hernandez?

Deschamps: “He can play both positions. When I put him on the list, he was primarily at left-back. You’ll see tomorrow.”

Didier Deschamps has arrived

Let’s go for the question-and-answer session with the coach.

It’s over for Rabiot

Didier Deschamps must now succeed him in front of the media.

Rabiot on Pogba, provisionally suspended for doping

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to him. We talk, we saw each other before the selection, we had dinner together. You know Paul, he’s always very smiling, very outgoing. Of course I think that the situation weighs on him. I hope he gets the least difficult sanction. Dejected, I think we all are. He’s a great player, a great man. Facing everything he had to to face, that’s a lot for one person.”

Rabiot on his place in the group

“I am someone who is very open outside of the media, TV and everything that concerns social networks. Anything that is external, I prefer to reserve myself.”

“I think we can all be leaders in our own way. More of a leader on the pitch, in the locker room, in the privacy of the locker room. Discuss with everyone, give advice… It’s more my personality. I think that “We need all these different personalities in the group. That’s what makes this team great.”

Rabiot on being sent to a press conference

“Something that I appreciate? I won’t go that far. It’s something that has been established. The players sent, we do it seriously and professionally. It’s a certain mark of confidence too.”

Rabiot on his role in the French team

“I have often said that I had a different role in Blue than at Juve. My role in the France team is to balance this team.”

Rabiot on the motivation to play such a match

“It’s always complicated because it’s a time when we play a lot. In November, there are often a lot of injuries. The best way to avoid getting injured is to take the match to the fullest, don’t be on hold.”

“I have motivation every time I enter the field. We have challenges, challenges that we set for ourselves, like finishing these qualifiers with the maximum number of points. If we win and do better than Argentina against Brazil, we will finish the year first in the FIFA rankings.”

The Blues better than at the World Cup?

Rabiot: “Best, I don’t know. But we are in continuity in what we have done well. We are serious, determined in each match. What we are doing at the moment, we are doing it well. That shows that the group is on a good roll.”

Let’s go for this press conference

Adrien Rabiot arrived in front of the journalists.

Late for the press conference

Expected from 5 p.m., Adrien Rabiot and Didier Deschamps have not yet arrived in the press room.

Still 4,000 places on sale

According to the Hellenic Football Federation, 27,000 spectators are expected this Tuesday evening. There are still around 4,000 places on sale.

AP, in Athens

The Blues will play on a very marked pitch

The lawn of the OPAP Arena, AEK Athens’ usual stadium, is very marked before this Tuesday evening’s meeting between Greece and France. Clear skies and 16 degrees predicted for kick-off.

AP, in Athens

The lawn of the OPAP Arena, AEK Athens’ usual stadium, is very marked before this Tuesday evening’s meeting between Greece and France © RMC Sport

Rabiot with Deschamps at a press conference

The French team’s plane landed in Athens this Monday at 1:15 p.m. local time, on the eve of the match against Greece on Tuesday (8:45 p.m., Euro 2024 qualifiers). Didier Deschamps and Adrien Rabiot will answer questions from the media at a press conference at 6 p.m. local time. (F. Hawkins)

“I’m stunned” Riolo amazed by the Blues after the historic card against Gibraltar

Daniel Riolo in the After on RMC: “Scores like that, you never see them. I’m stunned by what we saw. Fourteen goals, that’s something sick, something from before war. It’s crazy stuff, seven goals, seven more goals. Lots of times this kind of match ends with a last half hour of absolute boredom. We have a team which, from start to finish, has wanted to play. And break records.”

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Welcome to RMC Sport to follow live all the information on the Blues before the last qualifying match for Euro 2024 Greece-France, Tuesday evening in Athens (8:45 p.m.). Already qualified, Didier Deschamps’ players remain on a historic victory, the largest in the history of the French team, against Gibraltar, 14-0, Saturday in Nice.

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