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1. 1979-1980: “We released a Ligue 1”

Patrick Polotec (coach-striker, 65): “It’s a hell of a memory! As an amateur player, leaving a Ligue 1 (Angers), it remains engraved. Especially since it was the first of the epics of the US Montagnarde. The previous year, Stade Rennais had eliminated us 1-0 after Caen, 2-1, the season before. At the Moustoir, in a packed stadium, we had benefited from favorable weather conditions because the ground had deteriorated in the second period with the rain. It allowed us to hold on while we were leading 1-0 at halftime. We were playing in D3. We had become the first club in Morbihan since FC Lorient had gone down to D4. The Angevins had been surprised. But in the 16th, at the time, the formula offered round-trip matches which complicated the task of amateurs. We had twice taken 3-0 by the future finalist Orléans (D2). The outward journey left us with a lot of regrets. There, we had more than a level playing field with a post in the first half and an unmissable opportunity five minutes from the end at 1-0 … “

(Le Télégramme archive photo)

2. 1998-1999: “The birth of a group”

Stéphane Lestin (striker, 45 years old): “I remember a great human adventure, the Moustoir as full as an egg to welcome Rouen (CFA2; 0-2 ap). In the previous round, we had beaten at Mane-Braz 4-0 Paris FC (national) which had just left FC Lorient. We had scored at strategic times (tripled by… Lestin). It was a beautiful celebration, a beautiful communion. I have the impression that it’s a bit like this year: the birth of a group. An amateur footballer may experience climbs or descents, but these are the Coupe de France courses that people remember. I believe in the victory of the Montagnards at Saumur ”.

French Cup.  US Montagnarde: they tell their four epics in the Coupe de France – Coupe de France
(Le Télégramme archive photo)

3. 2001-2002: “Caen had taken us down”

Jean-Marie Inquel (40-year-old striker): “The president had put a little pressure on us to redo an epic. We had just come down to DH (R1) and, in 32nd, we had inherited the draw from Caen, leader or 2nd in Ligue 2. We were a little disappointed. Everyone saw us beaten. The Caen people really took us down. They had already booked their return, without taking into account possible extensions. It was the engine for us. With the public of Mane-Braz who had multiplied our forces, we had scored at the last second by Romuald Jaffré! I joined the club at eleven years old. I had dreamed of living this for years. When that happens, with the molten Mane-Braz, it’s exceptional! Stronger than Monaco that we had received at Moustoir in 8th (0-1) after eliminating (4-2) La Roche (National) in 16th ”.

French Cup.  US Montagnarde: they tell their four epics in the Coupe de France – Coupe de France
Jean-Marie Inquel (US Montagnarde) against Monaco in the Coupe de France. (The Telegram)

4. 2004-2005: around ten fan buses in Sedan

Cédric Le Parc (midfielder, 40 years old): “That year, we met Stéphane Lestin again. He played for GSI Pontivy. We had taken it 2-0 in the 32nd. We had hoped for something more than a derby. It was my first 32nd round. I had known those before but since the reserve team. We had all the same sold out, with more than 3000 people in this small stadium in the forest. So, obviously, we had hoped for the jackpot in 16th. It was Sedan, a Ligue 2, which came out of the hat. With the change of rule (division / level), we had to go there. After a three-day greening, it was an opportunity to play in a large stadium. We had seen the difference between pros and amateurs and lost 4-0 … A dozen buses had crossed France to support us! At La Montagne, there is an enduring craze. When I think about it, I still have chills ”.

French Cup.  US Montagnarde: they tell their four epics in the Coupe de France – Coupe de France
(Le Télégramme archive photo)

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