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If Richard Berry and Jeane Manson denied the accusations of Coline Berry-Rojtman, it returned to practices that she claims to have suffered. It also evokes the alleged membership of the American singer to a pedophile sect.

Invited on March 4 on the set of BFM TV, Coline Berry-Rojtman, daughter of actor Richard Berry, returned to the incestuous acts she says she suffered repeatedly in her childhood, after her father separated from his mother (actress Catherine Hiegel) to live with American singer Jeane Manson.

As a reminder, the daughter of Richard Berry lodged a complaint against Richard Berry in January for “acts of rape and sexual assault on a minor of 15 years by ascendant and corruption of a minor”, also implicating Jeane Manson for ” complicity in incest ”.

On the air of BFM TV, the daughter of Richard Berry, now 45 years old, detailed the misdeeds that she accuses her father of which “the playing of the orchestra” that she would have had to undergo several times. “My naked father [et] Jeane Manson nude, play[ai]ent to recreate an orchestra with their sexual organs, in this case the sex of my father [représentait] a flute or a trumpet depending on the orchestra, ”she explained, for example.

Jeane Manson, member of a pedophile sect?

In the same interview, the daughter of Richard Berry affirms that his ex-wife was part of the sect of the “Children of God”, dissolved at the end of the 70s because of incitement to prostitution, incest and pedocriminality, but whose activities have continued within the framework of an organization that has changed its name.

Children were invited to giant orgies

The cult’s actions have been the subject of multiple testimonies, including that of Amoreena Winkler which dates back to 2010, in the columns of the Parisian. “The guru had instituted sexual stimulation and practice on children. Adults could therefore dispose of our bodies. Children were invited to giant orgies. […] We were slaves on legs, at the service of the sect and of the cause ”, remembers the one who was only 4 years old when she was encouraged to perform her first blowjobs. “I was doing it because other people were doing it and the guru said it was good. It was the norm. […] I have always lived in a total predation of my being. On the sexual level but also on the level of my spirit, which had to be occupied by the holy words. “

The main stakeholders strongly deny

“Why is my daughter accusing me of things I didn’t do? Why is she going to the end of this destructive madness? ” These are the questions that Richard Berry for his part publicly shared on social networks in February, as a preamble to a statement in which he explained to deny the facts of which his daughter accused him. “I unambiguously and with all my strength deny these filthy accusations. I have never had incestuous or inappropriate relations with Coline or with any of my children ”.

In early February, Jeane Manson issued a statement in which she explained that she fully associated with the denial of her ex-husband.

“These vile accusations go against my moral values, my maternal sense and my education. I am flabbergasted and deeply hurt to be taken to task in a family settling of scores, ”the American singer said in particular.

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