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Frédéric, this gendarme and hero of Pontivy – Pontivy

The terrible image of a Danish footballer disarticulated like a puppet before collapsing to the ground, during the European Championship on Saturday, came back to us like a boomerang. The speed of relief that saved this 29-year-old athlete, then in cardiopulmonary arrest, too. By recounting the heroic gestures he lavished, with his colleagues, last week, Frédéric, Pontivyan gendarme, echoed the news. With, at the end of the bravery, a certainty: “It is because these are gestures which were practiced precociously that the victim was able to recover”, underlines the soldier.

“Not like in the movies”

He is Frédéric. A gendarme of the Pontivyan squadron with a frank smile. And like the rescuers of Christian Eriksen, the Danish footballer, he also saved a man, helped by his colleagues. It was Wednesday of last week. The field of intervention was not an illuminated sports enclosure but a supermarket aisle in Pontivy. “We were in training and for that went to Intermarché to buy supplies, in particular markers for the board,” says the gendarme who, once at the cash desk, is then arrested by the hostess. “She warned us that one person was not feeling well. We went to see the man in question, who was lying on the ground, cyanotic, with hypersalivation and agonic movements. So many elements that highlight a cardiac arrest ”.

It is because these are gestures that were practiced early that the victim was able to recover.

So Frédéric, David and Raphaël, act diligently. “One of my comrades bared the victim’s chest, then we performed the cardiac massage”, details, without boasting, the Pontivyen, also saluting the agility of the supermarket staff. “The agent who went to get the defibrillator was very responsive, as was the director of the establishment who was responsible for removing clients to allow us to work.” Life-saving resuscitation work. “It’s not like in the movies, the man did not immediately speak again, but he gave signs of life.”

“From red truck to blue truck”

Sauvé, the 63-year-old man, is now in the cardiology department in Lorient, at the South Brittany hospital center. Brittany, Frédéric feels good there. This native of Saumur and a member of the Pontivy gendarmerie squadron will soon even buy a house in the Napoleonic city. He will install his mare there, he the passionate horse-riding enthusiast and former firefighter, who went from “the red truck to the blue truck”, he imagines. Two entities where we learn the gestures that save. And which allowed a man to find his way back to life on the tiled floor of a supermarket aisle. Thanks to Frédéric, David and Raphaël.

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