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Frank Lampard at Newcastle would be a risk for both sides

It would be difficult for Frank Lampard to refuse the job at Newcastle.

But reverse the storyline – and it would be hard to imagine him hanging onto it if he was in Steve Bruce’s shoes right now.

Imagine if Lampard was already in charge of St James’ Park when the Saudi takeover took place last week.

Would he be seen as the man to achieve the ambitions of suddenly the richest club in the world? A manager with the seriousness to attract the biggest names on the planet to Tyneside?

Or would he be just another ‘walking dead man’ like Claudio Ranieri and Mark Hughes did when they found themselves in the same position at Chelsea and Manchester City respectively?

Lampard once failed to meet the expectations of a billionaire owner when he was mercilessly axed by Roman Abramovich earlier this year. Even his status as the most legendary of Chelsea legends couldn’t save him when the results took a turn for the worse.

Newcastle are not yet at the stage where the top four are the bare minimum, but they are unlikely to buy into the long-term, youth-led approach Lampard has tried to instill at Stamford Bridge.

They got rich quick and will also want success to be accelerated.

It’s easy to see the appeal of someone like Lampard – not least because he meets the primary requirement of any non-being-Steve-Bruce date.

It’s a glamorous name – and a very acceptable leader for a property that many have serious doubts about.

But he also looks very replaceable when Newcastle take their drive to win things seriously – perhaps from their first real assault on the transfer market next summer, when world elite managers may be. -be more prepared to put their name on a project that is in its infancy.