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France wants to encourage the EU to standardize asylum rights in Europe – RT en français

As France prepares to take the rotating presidency of the EU in January, the Minister of the Interior has just announced that France will support a reform of the right to asylum in Europe.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin declared on September 29 that France would support a reform of the asylum system in the European Union, which divides the Twenty-Seven, when it takes over the rotating presidency in January, in particular on the question of the harmonization of the asylum request.

The asylum request, at the heart of the “new Pact on migration and asylum” proposed by the European Commission in September 2020, is “a European subject”, declared Gérald Darmanin on BFMTV, stressing the objective of having “One asylum application for the whole of Europe.”

Relaunched on the subject to know if France would try to vote for this measure, the Minister of the Interior replied: “We are working on it, we will see what the new German government thinks” which must be formed after the legislative elections of September 26th.

“That has to be the goal that we all have to achieve and everyone’s energy should turn to that: when you arrive in Europe, when you apply in Italy or Spain or Malta or France, that applies to everyone. And we share the information, ”he continued.

Towards the end of the so-called “Dublin” regulation?

In its vast reform of the European asylum system, the European Commission wants in particular to put an end to the so-called “Dublin” regulation, which entrusts, among other things, the responsibility for processing an asylum seeker’s file to his first country of origin. entry into the Union.

But for a few years now, France has been facing “secondary movements”, in the words of the government: people who have already applied for asylum in a first European country, largely unsuccessful in their applications, then come to try their luck. luck in France.

It is these movements that have contributed to putting France neck and neck with Germany, in terms of the number of asylum seekers, since 2019.

France’s position with regard to the new Pact under discussion is unchanged: in September 2020, the day Brussels presented its reform project, Gérald Darmanin was already calling for greater “European solidarity” on the treatment of asylum applications as well as on deportations to the borders.

On September 29, the Minister of the Interior also pleaded for the European visa issuance policy to be “as much as possible” unified. “Otherwise they [les candidats à l’immigration] play with our differences. We absolutely have to respond to Europe when others want to respond to nationalism, ”he added.

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