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France in search of bronze against Spain

What do we follow? The France-Spain match, match for third place in the 2021 Men’s Handball World Cup.

Where is it happening ? In Cairo, Egypt.

At what time ? At 2:30 p.m.

On which channels? BeIN Sports 1 and TMC.

Who live? Florian Soenen and Maxime Lemaitre on the wings of the Austerlitz cauldron.

Provisional composition of the teams:

Guardians : V. Gérard, Genty – Field players : Abalo, Guigou (cap.), Lenne, Descat, Remili, Mem, Mahé, Porte, Dipanda, M. Richardson, Lagarde, Claire, Acquevillo, L. Fabregas, Tournat.

Coach: Guillaume Gille.

Guardians : Pérez de Vargas, Corrales, Hernandez – Field players : Maqueda, Fernandez, Entrerríos, Dujshebaev, Sarmiento, Aguinagalde, Solé, Goñi Leoz, Figueras, Cañellas, Morros, Gómes, Ariño, Guardiola, Marchán, Dujshebaev, Odriozola.

Coach: Jordi Ribera.

What we won’t talk about? Unconditional love for the Internet for Samuel Etienne.

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