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France and UK sign agreement to curb Channel crossings

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A new agreement between Paris and London aimed at putting an end to illegal immigration through the Channel has been signed. In particular, it provides for new resources and increased patrols. In recent months, these perilous crossings have multiplied. Seven people have died trying to reach England since the start of the year.

Additional patrols and new technological means will be deployed along French beaches as part of a new agreement between Paris and London aimed at curbing illegal immigration through the Channel, the British Minister of the Interior announced on Saturday, November 28. , Priti Patel.

The agreement provides for the doubling of French patrols from December 1, which will be supported by drones and radars to identify those who attempt the crossing, she said on the British channel BBC.

Priti Patel welcomed the agreement, saying it would allow the two countries to “share the mission of making Channel crossings impossible”.

In recent months, more and more migrants have tried to reach Britain through this dangerous and busy route. Four deaths were recorded in 2019, and seven since the start of the year.

On October 27, four people including two children drowned in the sinking of their makeshift boat.

More and more crossings

The matter was a source of tension, with the United Kingdom accusing France of not getting enough involved to prevent the crossings.

In September, the French authorities said they had intercepted more than 1,300 people trying to reach the United Kingdom, a handful of whom had tried to swim across the Channel for about thirty kilometers.

Between January 1 and August 31, around 6,200 migrants had tried their luck, using rubber dinghies, paddles, kayaks and even life jackets.

The north of France has long attracted would-be illegal immigrants to Great Britain, aboard boats or one of the tens of thousands of vehicles crossing the Channel on ferries and trains daily.

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