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Fox News host accidentally shadows Ted Cruz right in his face

Fox News host Harris Faulkner had an awkward moment with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday night and she didn’t seem to realize it.

Faulkner attempted to slam Texas Democratic lawmakers who left the state to prevent a quorum as part of an effort to block passage of a GOP bill restricting voting rights.

“You saw what I know with my relatives in Texas, we don’t,” Faulker told Cruz. “We don’t cut and run.”

Cruz, of course, did just that earlier this year: he cut and ran in the midst of one of the worst humanitarian crises in state history. As Texas faced a crippling winter storm that left millions of people cold and without electricity, Cruz went on vacation with his family in sunny Cancun. He only returned home after being arrested by some of his traveling companions. At first, Cruz tried to blame his daughters for his error in judgment, but he finally admitted that yes, it was a vacation.

Watch the live encounter between Faulkner and Cruz below:


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