Fox, dead bat test positive

Two wild animals tested positive for rabies on Tuesday after separate incidents the day before.

According to the Raleigh Police Department, the animal control unit responded to both incidents. Police said in one incident, a fox came into contact with a person in the 100 block of Pineland Circle. The second incident involved a dead bat in the 5700 block of Calorie Court.

Animal Control secured both animals and tested them for rabies.

Wake County health officials have provided the following general advice to help minimize the risk of rabies:

  • Residents should not approach animals they do not know.
  • Residents should ensure their pets are up to date with rabies vaccinations. If a pet is allowed outside, a vaccine booster is recommended. Pets that are outdoors should stay indoors until they receive booster shots.
  • Do not feed stray or unfamiliar animals, including cats and dogs.
  • Do not leave trash or food outside unless it is in a trash can with a tight-fitting lid.
  • If a pet is fed outside, do not leave the food out overnight.
  • Stay away from animals you don’t know. Teach children to do the same. “Love your own, leave others alone!” is a good rule to remember.
  • Report stray animals to your local animal control office.

If an animal comes into contact with an animal that may be rabid, contact a veterinarian immediately.

Police said residents should report any unusual behavior or other concerns about animals in Raleigh to authorities at 919-831-6311.

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