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Fourth Oath Keeper in Capitol Riot Pleads Guilty, Cooperates with FBI

WASHINGTON – A fourth person who joined members of the far-right Oath Keepers in the Jan.6 riot on Capitol Hill pleaded guilty on Tuesday and cooperated with federal investigators.

Appearing in federal court in Washington, DC, Caleb Berry, 20, of Tampa, Fla., Admitted that he and other members of the group had scheduled Jan.6 and entered the Capitol in a single-file formation.

Prosecutors had asked a federal judge to keep the records of his case under seal until Tuesday to avoid warning other Oath Keepers who face federal charges. Maintaining secrecy “will ensure the safety of the accused while he cooperates in accordance with his plea agreement,” they said.

The FBI has so far been successful in persuading members and supporters of the Oath Keepers to cooperate with the sprawling federal investigation. Several members of the group face conspiracy charges and prosecutors said they were involved in planning the siege of the Capitol.

Three other people admitted to joining other Oath Keepers in storming the Capitol. Two pleaded guilty last month – Mark Grods of Alabama and Graydon Young of Florida. In April, Jon Schaffer of Indiana became the first Oath Keeper to litigate, admitting he entered the Capitol with a tactical vest and bear spray.

They too agreed to cooperate with the investigators.

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