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Four California officers on leave after video of suspect punched and kicked during arrest

Four Southern California police officers are under investigation after a video was released showing a suspect being punched and kicked in a shopping mall arrest last week, they said. the authorities announced on Wednesday.

Glendale police officers, who have not been publicly identified, have been placed on paid leave, the department said. The arrest at the Los Angeles-area Galleria Mall on Saturday included three undercover officers.

The short video, which appears to have been filmed by a witness, shows two men in formal attire repeatedly hitting a man on the ground. Viewers can be heard in the background, but do not appear on camera.

As the two policemen hit the man in the face and body, a woman, who is also wearing street clothes, restrains his legs. A fourth officer, who is in uniform, then appears in front of the camera and kicks the suspect in the face.

After the kick, one of the officers shouts twice, “Roll over on your face.

The images do not show what preceded the arrest.

The suspect has not been identified by police. A police spokesperson said he was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and theft.

Police in a statement Wednesday, said the officers are held to a high standard and aim to build community confidence.

“The Glendale Police Department is aware of the video which captured an incident involving officers during an arrest at the Glendale Galleria shopping center on June 5, 2021,” police said. “An investigation into the incident, including all actions taken by officers during the arrest process, was immediately initiated and the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing.”

The police also pledged to take “the appropriate measures … following the investigation”.

A spokeswoman for the Galleria mall said on Wednesday that no security guards at the mall were involved in the arrest.

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