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Forward Guingamp.  What to remember from the draw against Valenciennes – En Avant Guingamp
  • 1. A solidity to assert
  • The good point taken in Nancy during the first day, without conceding a goal, had put in confidence the Guingampan rearguard. It came in handy against VA this Saturday. Dangerous offensively with its attacking duo Guillaume-Robail, the northern formation posed problems for the Breton defense, once again based on the Sampaio-Lemonnier hinge. Rather solid during the initial 45 minutes, it was then struggling, until a goal signed by Robail (76 ‘) who took advantage of a too loose replacement. The last quarter of an hour was still complicated, but the house held. It will be necessary to see, during the next matches, if the balance tilts rather on the good side in this matter, or if it is necessary to readjust the device.

  • 2. An offensive animation to work on
  • Despite a few chances in the first period, and territorial domination, the EAG was unable to force the opposing lock to lead to the score and thus make the match easier. With rare exceptions, the offensive movements lacked either fluidity or sharpness in the last move. As in the first match in Nancy, the Costarmoricans evolved in a pattern with a single point (Gomis), supported by two wingers (Livolant on the right and Barthelmé on the left) and an advanced central midfielder (M’changama). And as was the case a week earlier, it was difficult for these four to fault the visiting defense. It is also Sampaio, central defender, who scores at the end of the match. We will have to work on the automatisms, and hope that the efficiency in front of the goal follows so that the offensive performance becomes that of a team of the first part of the table.

  • 3. An outsider profile to maintain
  • President Le Grand warned: this season, no question of talking about an increase in L1, but nothing prevents thinking about it. It is therefore a question of finding the right balance for the EAG, which last year had broken its teeth on this pressure specific to the relegated wishing to take the lift immediately. The return phase had been very difficult before a saving jump in the final sprint. To avoid these roller coasters, the Costa Rican club hopes to remain discreet, not far from the first places, but without arousing suspicion. For the moment, the roadmap is rather respected, with two null results. But the current 12th place probably does not correspond to the aspirations of the leaders. With one or two victories, the situation could become more interesting …

    Technical sheet

    Referee: M. Vernice

    Spectators: 6,000

    GOALS. Guingamp: Sampaio (90 ‘); Valenciennes: Robail (76 ‘).

    WARNINGS. Guingamp: Diarra (4 ‘), M’Changama (60’), Muyumba (63 ‘), Sampaio (79’); Valenciennes: Masson (10 ‘), D’Almeida (24’).

    Guingamp: Basilio – Bilingi, Sampaio, Lemonnier, Rebocho – Muyumba (Phaëton, 77 ‘), Diarra (Roux, 46’) – Livolant (Merghem, 68 ‘), M’Changama (cap.), Barthelmé (Cathline, 87’ ) – Gomis.

    Not entered into play: Youfeigane (left), Riou, Carnot.

    Valenciennes: Allagbé – Dos Santos (cap.), Ntim, Cuffaut, Abeid (S. Yatabaré, 56 ‘) – D’Almeida, Picouleau, Masson – Boutoutaou (Ouattara, 56’), Guillaume, Robail (Kaba, 82 ‘) .

    Not entered into play: Konaté (left), Penin, Hamache, Haouari.

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