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Forward Guingamp.  What to remember from the draw against Caen (2-2) – En Avant Guingamp

1The Guingampais jet

After a setback in the 8th round of the Coupe de France against these same Caennais on January 20 (1-3), the Guingampais again almost folded against the Normans, since after twenty good minutes full of rhythm, they slowly stepped down in the face of a well-organized opponent. Led 0-2 on achievements of Oniangué (24 ‘) and Mendy (55’), the players of Frédéric Bompard, thanks to a triple beneficial change at the hour of play (Pierrot, Ntep and Phaëton), returned to the match in five minutes thanks to two heads from Pierrot (67 ‘) then Niakaté (74’). Guingamp has the merit of having displayed a face distinctly different from that, harmless, displayed for an hour to avoid a further unwelcome disappointment. But this sharing of points remains mathematically insufficient, since it keeps Guingamp within reach of the red zone; 17th, just two points behind the virtual jump-off driver Chambly (23 points). Guingamp is still alive, but Guingamp is running out of points.

2 At the hour of play, Guingamp (finally) showed the fangs

A strike from Gomis, too soft (4 ‘), a strong cross from Rodelin (17’), a strike off target from Fofana (24 ‘): this is the meager offensive record that the Guingampais posted in the first period, they who had great difficulty in worrying the opposing goalkeeper. Then came the triple change of Frédéric Bompard, bringing in simultaneously Ntep, Phaëton and Pierrot. For immediate effect: Ntep (released on injury in the 79 ‘) delivered a perfect cross for Pierrot, who gave hope for a plunging header (67’). The entries of the Haitian striker, very moving, like that of Matthias Phaëton, gave a second life to the Costa-Rican offensive sector. The latter could even have offered victory to his family but came up against Péan (93 ‘).

3 Le Roudourou is no longer a fortress

With this draw, it has now been nine Ligue 2 matches that En Avant has not won in his house, a negative spiral that the Costarmoricans had not experienced since 2005 in this championship. This season, Guingamp is one of the worst L2 teams in the home standings. A purely mathematical observation that contrasts terribly with the image that Roudourou had for a time built, that of a bastion difficult to take. This constant weakness does not necessarily help Youssouf M’Changama’s teammates to take off again in the standings. Improvement will also go through a form of sovereignty found at home.

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