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Ligue 2 (28th day). EA Guingamp – Clermont: 0-5

The feeling is not easy to watch. It is especially terrible to bear. Faced with these Clermontois so lively and cheerful, authors of their fourth victory in a row, the Guingampais were simply powerless. “5-0, it’s heavy, it hurts, breaths Frédéric Bompard. I didn’t want to talk in the hot locker room. But what bothers me is that we have seen resigned boys, we have displayed mental weaknesses ”.

Pushed back to their camp, overtaken behind their backs, oppressed in the middle, technically and tactically dominated, the Red and Black have returned the image of a sad team, without springs or levers. Of course, the concern about their maintenance has also grown. “Even if it’s far from over,” insists the EAG coach.

A long way of the cross

On this gloomy evening, which the closed door has further sealed off, it only took the Clermontois half an hour to return the Costarmoricans to their reality. Time for Allévinah (14 ‘) and Dossou (32’) to each score their tenth goal of the season. Achievements which owe as much to the talent of the two Clermont wingers as to the wanderings of these Guingampais: a loss of Niakaté-M’Changama ball to start, followed by a duel too easily lost by Niakaté. A “case” definitely buried when Pelé was sent off for a poorly controlled forward foot on Magnin (45 ‘+ 1).

Ten to eleven, the rest was still a long way of the cross. Allévinah’s cross allowed Bayo to score his 17th goal of the season (54 ‘). Iglesias played against Basilio in two stages (65 ‘). Before Tell, the former Rennais, scores his first goal of the season (72 ‘). Striking contrast with M’Changama who only found the post (71 ‘).

“We are not off the hook”

After the little better than the appointment of Frédéric Bompard had outlined, En Avant has therefore slipped to 18th place in Ligue 2, overtaken by Pau, winner of Châteauroux. In a barrage position that brandishes the specter of relegation a little higher. “But we are not stuck in the standings”, quickly reacted Frédéric Bompard.

In spite of everything, there remained that feeling of helplessness that had never crossed them before. A feeling to be quickly chased away, of course.

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Referee: Mr. Rainville

GOALS. Clermont: Allévinah (14 ‘), Dossou (32’), Bayo (54 ‘), Iglésias (65’), Tell (72 ‘).

WARNING. Clermont: Tell (69 ‘)

Expulsion in Guingamp: Pelé (45 ‘+ 1).

GUINGAMP: Basilio – Mellot (Palun, 78 ‘), Sorbon, Niakaté, Poaty – M’Changama (cap.), Fofana (Pierrot, 55’), Romao, Pelé – Gomis (Muyumba, 69 ‘), Phaëton (Livolant, 55’ ).

Not entered into play: Larsen (l.), Camara, Cathline.

CLERMONT: Desmas – Zedadka (Trichard, 77 ‘), Ogier, Hountondji, N’Simba – J. Gastien (Rajot, 77’), Magnin (Berthomier, 66 ‘) – Dossou (Gomis, 36’), Iglesias (cap.), Allévinah (Tell, 66 ‘) – Bayo.

Not entered into play: Djoco (left), Albert.

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