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Forward Guingamp.  A shot to play against Clermont – En Avant Guingamp

Ligue 2 (27th day). Guingamp – Sochaux, this Tuesday (8 p.m.) at Roudourou.

“Clermont is the best team in the championship. When I said that, I said everything ”. Frédéric Bompard, the coach ofForward Guingamp, full of praise Clermont foot, dolphin of Troyes, which he faces this Tuesday evening.

The ogre Clermont

The figures don’t lie: best defense (16 goals conceded), second attack behind Toulouse (42 goals scored), Clermont deserves the place it occupies today. But above all, the team built by Pascal Gastien, on the bench since 2017, scares opponents and attracts praise from followers of Ligue 2.

Starting with Bompard, therefore, his evening opponent. “It has a quality of play that is close to a Ligue 1 team. I’m a fan. I like to watch her play. We will do everything to beat them but she plays the ball very well, it must be said. But it has flaws, ”explains the coach who is still awaiting his first victory on the Guingamp bench.

“We had upset them in the first leg (0-0). They had not been able to develop their game. They were perhaps also less well. We took advantage of it and I think we even deserved to win it, ”recalls Bompard, Bazdarevic’s assistant at the time.

Guingamp has also upset more than one top 6 team. In accounting terms, Guingamp has only taken 9 points out of 24 possible against these teams (Troyes, Clermont, Toulouse, Auxerre, Paris FC and Grenoble). But it’s still 35% of his points in the league after 26 days.

And if we dive into the content, these are the most successful matches of the Costarmoricans despite often unfavorable scenarios. We think of the matches against Grenoble (1-2) and at Paris FC (2-3) lost in added time, the latter on a strike by Name from outside the area which had hit the base of Basilio’s post.

More playful opponents

How to explain this trend? By a more conquering state of mind in the face of “fine” opponents? Frédéric Bompard refuses to take the easy way out. “If that was the case, it would be a mistake. We will need to transcend ourselves until the end of the season. Whatever the opponent, you have to put everything in place to take points ”.

The opposing playing philosophy is no stranger to it. Bompard had pointed it out some time ago. Some teams come to Roudourou to play on the Guingampaise faults while waiting for the openings. Be reassured, this will not be Clermont’s intentions.

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