Former WWE star praises Big E

Former WWE Superstar Jimmy Wang Yang said he was very impressed with Big E when he returned to the company last year.

Yang had a short trial period as a potential producer, which ended in December. He praised the New Day member, who won his first WWE Championship last year by cashing in his Money in the Bank deal on Bobby Lashley during an episode of Monday Night RAW.

Jimmy Wang Yang told Bleav in Pro Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino that he told Big E that he was his favorite wrestler and was impressed with him after his championship win.

“Ten years ago I was at WWE in Dayton and I saw Big E and I was like, ‘Big E man, you’re my favorite wrestler right now. Like, really, you’re my favorite. Coming back ten years later, 11 years later, I said to him, ‘Bro, you’re still my favorite wrestler.’ And some things that I saw with him when he was the champion really, really impressed me… He impressed me so much, like going with his gut feelings about situations. Big E is a true champion,” Yang said.

Jimmy Wang Yang says he was also impressed with Seth Rollins and several other WWE stars

The Visionary is one of the biggest stars in the entire industry right now. He is a Grand Slam champion and has participated in several premium live events.

Besides Big E, Jimmy was also impressed by Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, among others.

“But there were so many other guys who were awesome. The Street Profits, Chad Gable and Otis, Los Lotharios, Finn (Balor) and someone who really impressed me, because I just saw him a lot on television and I never really worked with him, Seth “Freaking” Rollins. This guy impressed me so much. Even on the spontaneous stuff and the character, the wrestling, everything,” Yang said.

Seth Rollins is currently on a team with Kevin Owens on the red mark. They have an upcoming match for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

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