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Former worker sues pork company owned by gubernatorial candidate Jim Pillen |  Politics


Lucar, who is from Peru, said he has held various jobs for the company and as a human resources specialist hired workers and dealt with employee issues.

He alleged that he had repeatedly complained and refused to participate in the company’s alleged illegal activities, including hiring workers who were not authorized to work in the United States, changing naming on government and company documents so workers can avoid paying taxes or child support, and misclassifying workers as “independent contractors” to avoid paying taxes.

Lucar also claimed that company executives failed to address his complaints about discriminatory behavior against certain workers because of their immigration status or ethnicity. Later, before being fired, he alleged that he was yelled at and cursed at, excluded from meetings and training sessions and charged with wrongdoing.

Trail, spokesperson for the Pillen campaign, said Lucar’s lawyer worked for a “liberal” law firm run by Vince Powers, a former chairman of the state’s Democratic Party, and that the trial of Lucar was a “clear effort by the Democrats” to smear Pillen.

Neary dismissed this, noting that Lucar filed a complaint about his treatment with the Nebraska Equal Opportunities Commission in April 2020, long before Pillen was running for governor.

Pillen has made immigration a part of his campaign. Its website says the failure to address immigration reform and enforce immigration laws has created a “threat to national security” and “exploits the vulnerable.”


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