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Former Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Trump and Putin’s ally walked through the police barrier on January 6

Former Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) Broke through police barricades at the Capitol on January 6 and blamed “leftist provacateurs” for the building’s subsequent siege. But he didn’t violate the Capitol, according to reports.

The San Jose Mercury News called him “the most prominent politician known to be in the field that day.”

The former right-wing lawmaker was identified in footage by the anonymous group of Capitol Hunters, who posted a photo of him among a pro-Trump crowd who were 500 feet beyond the restricted area.

Rohrabacher confirmed it was him on Monday. He told the Press Herald in Maine, where he now lives, that the 2020 election was fraudulent and should be protested, but he “wasn’t there to make a scene and do things that were unacceptable.”

Rohrabacher said the protesters who entered the building “gave the left the opportunity to lead the discussion about what was going on in a way that was detrimental to the things we believe in.” The Orange County politician, who lost a 2018 re-election bid, echoed a false Republican conspiracy theory that “leftist provocateurs” encouraged crowds to storm the building.

There is no evidence that Rohrabacher entered the building or committed any acts of violence. Hundreds of people were charged in the January 6 riot fueled by the widespread lie that the election of President Joe Biden was rigged.

David McNew via Getty Images

Dana Rohrabacher on the day of her last Congress election in 2018.

During his 30-year reign in Congress, Rohrabacher rose to prominence as one of the “most vocal supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the Washington Post wrote.

“I think Putin pays two people: Rohrabacher and Trump,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Reportedly said in 2016, according to the Post.


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