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Former NFL scout tears up BYU’s Zach Wilson in scout report: ‘Surefire bust.  He’ll get everyone fired ‘

A former NFL scout is on an island regarding Zach Wilson.

Former NFL scout Daniel Kelly – who coincidentally was a Jets scout during Bill Parcells day – is absolutely do not a supporter of BYU quarterback Zach Wilson, who is now considered QB2 in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Kelly excoriated Wilson in a recent scouting report, calling him, among other things, a “foolproof bust”, “fabricated quarterback” and who will be an “interception machine” in the NFL.

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While most analysts view Wilson as the second-best quarterback in the NFL Draft, Kelly goes so far as to say he wouldn’t write Wilson at all: “It would be stupid to take him to the first round. will get everyone fired. The best chance of success is an attack filled with tricks. “

Wilson, like any other NFL prospect, is not without his question marks in the draft. Kelly, like others, points to his propensity to throw 50/50 balls, BYU’s timeline, and its durability as red flags.

Parts of the Reconnaissance Report don’t make much sense, however: Kelly says Wilson is an inconsistent passer, despite being one of the most accurate passer in the country; he says Wilson will have to adjust to throwing a bigger ball in the NFL, despite negligible differences in ball size, and that Wilson doesn’t look like he was “born to be a quarterback. “. Whatever that means.

There are all kinds of wobbly and harmless analyzes coming out this time of year – just look at the Daniel Orlovsky-Justin Fields issue – but if Wilson Is bust, you can regard Daniel Kelly as the prophet.

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