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Former NBA player Josh Smith tears Doc Rivers apart in offensive tirade: “I understand why your wife nearly left you”

Josh Smith had a lot of words for Doc Rivers, and most of them were bad.

The Atlanta native and former Atlanta Hawk was likely reveling in the Hawks’ victory over the 76ers on Sunday night, with Atlanta clinching a victory in a thrilling Game 7, netting their ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals.

But rather than congratulating the Hawks on their victory, Smith spent over a minute criticizing the Sixers Rivers head coach – and going very, very low with personal beards – who took a lot of criticism for his recent coaching performance in the playoffs.

(Disclaimer: The video contains offensive language.)

Yes, Doc Rivers. You talked about all this about Paul George and how Tyronn Lue is going to have the same offense for this n-. Shut your ass, man. Your ass that has no adjustments in the game, man. Start giving them real credit, man. That’s why your jerk has this karma on his ass and you can’t pass round two, man.

You did it all wrong, man. Look in the mirror, n-, and confess your motherly truths, or you’ll never get away with it in round two. ESPN, put her ass up, bruh. I’m on her ass tonight, get her ass up early in the morning.

I finally understand why your wife almost left you, man. You don’t know how to make adjustments in the game. You don’t know how to make adjustments in the game. Everybody got your ass figured out, man. You don’t know how to make adjustments in the game, man, and nobody really likes your ass. Yeah, you’re losing your power, n—.

Smith only played for Rivers for one year in the Association, when he was a member of the Clippers in the 2015-16 season. Smith signed a one-year contract with Los Angeles before the season, but was sent back to Houston after 32 games with LA. These were the only games he played for Rivers in his 13-year career, which spanned 894 games.

The Clippers were down in their first round clash in 2016, losing to the Trail Blazers in six games.

If Smith continues like this, he’ll have a spot on FS1’s “Undisputed” in no time.

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