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Former Florida congressman fined $ 456,000 for campaign program

The FEC accused Rivera in the complaint of making approximately $ 55,000 in campaign contributions on behalf of another. Rivera continued to deny any wrongdoing.

The court granted the FEC’s summary judgment motion on Tuesday, saying in an order that “the evidence in the case clearly paints a picture showing that Rivera has engaged in a scheme to illegally fund the Sternad campaign.

“And Rivera’s opposition brief fails to refute or even address much of this evidence,” the order reads.

The FEC sought a civil penalty of $ 456,000, which the court granted.

This was not the first time Rivera, who represented Florida’s 25th Congressional District from January 2011 to January 2013, has come under judicial review. He was also the subject of a federal investigation in 2011 for his participation in a secret consulting contract that a casino cut with a marketing company listed in his mother’s name, but the deal came to naught.

In another case, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office prepared to indict Rivera in an indictment of 52 counts alleging theft, money laundering and racketeering arising from his use of public money and cash paid to committees he used for political purposes – before the prosecutor’s office was persuaded by Rivera’s lawyers to abandon the effort.

Rivera lost a legal battle in 2016 over his finances as a state legislator, for which he was to be fined $ 58,000. However, he did not have to pay since he was no longer a member of the Florida House, which should have applied the fine.

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