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Former DNC chief Perez ‘reviews’ Maryland governor’s candidacy

Perez served as Secretary of Labor for much of former President Barack Obama’s second term. He was head of the Maryland Department of Labor under the then government. Martin O’Malley in the late 2000s and was previously elected to sit on the Montgomery County Council just outside Washington.

The Maryland field remains largely unstable. On the Democratic side, longtime state comptroller Peter Franchot has already announced he is running, along with a group of a dozen other Democrats mentioned as potential candidates.

Perez would likely bring an extended rolodex to a potential governor bid from his time as head of the DNC and in the Obama administration that would help him raise money to support an bid.

Perez’s former role as head of the DNC could also be linked to a possible candidacy for governor. He oversaw the growing qualifying rules the DNC set for its sanctioned debates, which prompted candidates to raise funds from grassroots supporters. These rules of debate quickly pushed former Rep. John Delaney, a compatriot from Maryland, off the stage after Delaney was unable to count public support, whether in polls or donors, to qualify.

Delaney, who largely self-funded his presidential candidacy, was mentioned as a potential candidate for governor 2022, alongside Prince George County Director Angela Alsobrooks, Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski and many more.

Outgoing Governor Larry Hogan can no longer run in 2022, following his upset victory in 2014 and re-election in 2018, despite the state’s blue tilt at the federal level. Hogan is considering a presidential election.

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