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Steven Sund is sworn in on Tuesday. Swimming pool

Former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund called the rioters “criminals” and said they “prepared for war” in the January 6 attack.

In his opening statement prepared at a Senate hearing on the Capitol Riots, Sund said the events of January 6 were “the worst attack on law enforcement” he had seen in the past. his nearly 30-year career.

“I have worked in the police force for almost 30 years and during that time I have been involved in a number of critical incidents and responded to a number of gruesome scenes. The events of January 6, 2021 were the worst attack on law enforcement. that I have seen throughout my career. This is an attack that we learn was pre-planned and involved participants from a number of well-equipped, coordinated, and ready states to lead a violent insurgency on the United States Capitol. “He said in prepared remarks.

Sund said he saw rioters beat officers with “fists, pipes, sticks, bats, metal barricades and flag poles”.

“These criminals came prepared for war,” he said. “They came with their own radio system to coordinate the attack, as well as climbing gear and other equipment to defeat the Capitol security devices,” he continued.

“I am sickened by what I witnessed that day,” Sund said in his opening testimony.



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