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For Viktor Orban, “Europe cannot pledge allegiance to the Soros network” – RT in French

In a forum in response to that of Georges Soros, the Hungarian Prime Minister sets out his vision of a “protected society”, which he opposes to the “multicultural and ethnically mixed” society which would be “in the hands of the globalized elites”.

On November 26, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban replied to the platform published by Georges Soros eight days earlier with a text entitled “Europe cannot pledge allegiance to the Soros network”. The Hungarian Prime Minister denounces the corruption and totalitarian inclinations that, according to him, the president of the Open Society Foundations.

Viktor Orban first accuses the American “billionaire speculator” of Hungarian Jewish origin of being an “economic delinquent who earned his money by speculation, by the ruin of millions of people, and even by the blackmail exerted on nothing. less than national economies ”. “By piling up anti-Semitic clichés”, accuses Obs which relates the tribune in France, the head of the Hungarian government believes that Georges Soros – born Georgy Schwartz – would seek to control the European Union thanks to a “network which permeates on all sides the European bureaucracy and the political elites”.

The former opponent of the Hungarian communist government thus details Georges Soros’ agenda: “Powerful forces are once again at work to destroy European nations and unify the continent under the aegis of a global empire.” The “Soros network […] has worked for years to make Europe a continent of immigration ”and to“ promote the elimination of national frameworks ”; with the objective according to Viktor Orban to create a “multicultural and ethnically mixed” society which would be “in the hands of globalized elites”.

Georges Soros pits the peoples of Europe against each other

Georges Soros, he continues, pits the peoples of Europe against each other “by using” multiple and active means on the most varied scenes of public life “:” The list is long of politicians, journalists, judges, bureaucrats, political propagandists disguised as representatives of civil society who appear on the payslips established by George Soros. ” The nonagenarian is presented as “the most corrupt man on earth”, who “pays and buys as many as he can” and denigrates others “through the left press”.

“Protected society” and “Christian democracy” versus “open society” and “single thought”

The Hungarian Prime Minister then castigates the project – which he considers totalitarian – of the American financier: “Many high-level bureaucrats in the Union are acting in concert with the network of George Soros” in order to create “a global European empire and unified under the banner of open society ”. The objective of “their proposal called the Rule of Law” would be to impose “a unique way of thinking, a unique culture, a unique social model”, he explains.

In this long indictment, Viktor Orban defendsalso a Christian vision of Europe: “Although the nations forming Europe are of diverse origins, the common roots of our faith have united them. The family model based on the Judeo-Christian tradition has been the foundation of our communities. It is Christian freedom which has ensured freedom of thought and culture and has created beneficial competition between the nations of Europe. The virtuous mixture of differences has made Europe, for centuries, the driving force of the world. ”

A fundamental opposition with his ex-compatriot – who emigrated to the United States in 1956 – that the president of Fidesz sums up with this formula: “Soros wants an open society (Open Society), we want a protected society (Safe Society). For him, democracy can only be liberal, for us it can also be Christian. For him, freedom can only serve the individual affirmation, for us freedom can also consist in following the teaching of Christ, it can also be put at the service of the fatherland and the protection of our family. “

In a column published on November 18 in several international media – including Obs – titled “Europe must stand up to Hungary and Poland”, Georges Soros expressed his wish that neither Hungary nor Poland could benefit from Community funds from the European Union because of their veto on the recovery plan European conditional on “respect for the rule of law”. The influential financier – convicted of insider trading in 2012 – also vehemently accused Viktor Orban of “secretly picking up pockets in the country [à travers] a very elaborate kleptocratic system ”.

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