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For the president of CRIF, Eric Zemmour embodies the “new leader of revisionism” – RT in French


Eric Zemmour and Francis Kalifat, the president of CRIF, have engaged in a verbal contest in recent days, accusing each other of playing into the hands of anti-Semites. On Twitter, Francis Kalifat called the polemicist a “useful Jew”.

The tone rises between Eric Zemmour and the president of CRIF, Francis Kalifat. In mid-September, when he was the guest of Radio J, Francis Kalifat had affirmed that “if tomorrow he was going to declare his candidacy, it is obvious that we intend to block, and no Jewish voice should go to the potential candidate. Eric Zemmour ”.

Words that earned him a response from the columnist a few weeks later. “The boss of the CRIF, of grim memory, believes and makes believe that there is a Jewish vote and that he can give voting instructions like that. He believes that hundreds of thousands of Jews would obey him, but unfortunately for him, this is not the case ”, in fact declared, on October 11, Eric Zemmour at the microphone of Sud Radio.

I am very popular when I go to the synagogue

The potential presidential candidate also estimated that, by his words, the boss of the CRIF was making “the bed of the craziest anti-Semites who are convinced that there is a union of all the Jews who are together to rule over the country. France “. “Francis Kalifat is the useful idiot of the last remaining anti-Semites in France,” he added. The response from the president of CRIF was immediate. Via a message published on his Twitter account on October 12, Francis Kalifat indeed affirmed that Eric Zemmour today embodied “the useful Jew and the new leader of revisionism in our country”.

For his part, Eric Zemmour believes that despite criticism from CRIF, he remains very popular within the French Jewish community. Still on Sud Radio, he said: “I am very popular when I go to the synagogue. I advise Mr. Kalifat to come with me and we will see who will be the most popular. ”


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