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For or against – Should France repent after the submission of the Stora report?  – RT in French

What lessons can be drawn from the report that the historian Benjamin Stora gave to Emmanuel Macron concerning the colonization and the war in Algeria. Should we speak of repentance, of gratitude? M’Hamed Kaki and Gabriel Robin discuss it on RT France.

On January 20, historian Benjamin Stora delivered a report on “memorial issues relating to colonization and the Algerian war” to the President of the Republic. For the Elysee it is a first step which should be followed by “symbolic acts” in preparation to appease memories.

Should France repent, apologize after submitting this report? Should we speak of mutual recognition of the French and Algerian state of what happened during colonization and the Algerian war?

M’Hamed Kaki, president of the association Les oranges and Gabriel Robin, editor-in-chief of the company section at The Incorrect, discuss it on RT France.

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