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For Moscow, Prague accusations are a diversion from Belarus coup plan – RT en français

Russia believes that the announcement of the expulsion of 18 diplomats from the Czech Republic was intended to “distract” from the revelation of a coup plan in Belarus. A strategy behind which she sees Washington’s hand.

In an interview with Rossiya-1 channel on April 18, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova outlined the analysis of Russian diplomacy regarding the expulsion of 18 employees of the Russian Embassy in Prague , announced the same day by the Czech authorities.

For Moscow, this decision – taken on “invented pretexts” – aims above all to sweep the media space the revelation of an attempted coup in Belarus. “There is an absolute feeling – and this is supported by concrete information – that in the media space, especially in the West, our Western partners must ensure that the importance and relevance of the information published in the both by the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus regarding the coup plan [en Biélorussie] be retracted ”, explained Maria Zakharova.

“We must at all costs divert attention from factual information. […] All that has been published by both Russian and Belarusian authorities, statements by[Alexandre Lukachenko] – was based on facts. It had to be blocked, ”she insisted again.

The announcement from Prague concerning the expulsion of Russian diplomats indeed came only an hour after the disclosure of the coup plan in Belarus. The Belarusian president had just revealed the arrest in Moscow by the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia of political scientist Alexander Fedouta and lawyer Yuri Zenkovich, who also has American nationality.

In a statement issued in the wake, the FSB explained that Yuri Zenkovich – after consultations in the United States and Poland – had held a meeting in Moscow with Alexander Fedouta, during which they discussed their plan to overthrow the power “with generals of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus favorable to the opposition”. A plan which to succeed, entailed “the physical elimination of practically all the senior leaders of the republic” they had informed the conspiratorial generals.

The Belarusian president had also noted that the authorities of his country had discovered “the work of foreign intelligence services” in the affair, suggesting a possible involvement of Washington.

“The United States is behind this”

The temporal proximity of the two events therefore owes nothing to chance according to Russian diplomacy. “Without a doubt, the United States is behind this, the country that runs everything within NATO, the country that sets the tone for [l’opinion] Western general, especially, unfortunately, for the countries of the European Union, and for the European Union as a whole as an organization, which is already fully controlled and replaced by the Atlantic Alliance ”, launched Maria Zakharova, deploring the impact that Washington’s influence had on the independence of European countries, and the possibility for them to follow a “sovereign political line aimed at serving national interests”.

The European Union as a whole as an organization is already fully controlled and replaced by the Atlantic Alliance

The diplomat also underlined the total lack of critical gaze by the media on the issue, which repeat the Western version without worrying about the lack of evidence: “This new cartoon, presented to the world by Czech officials, has satisfied everyone. representatives of the current mainstream not only as a version, but as a body of evidence to support charges of all kinds. “

“It turns out that in today’s world we live in, the evidence doesn’t prove anything. On the other hand, something invented, put together quickly to be disseminated, can set in motion the mechanism of destruction, in particular, Russian-Czech bilateral relations, ”she concluded.

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