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For Moscow, Joe Biden is “fundamentally” wrong about Russia – RT en français

Moscow has responded to the accusations of the US president, who judged Vladimir Putin “even more dangerous” because of the problems he attributes to the Russian economy. The two countries are, however, continuing negotiations in Geneva.

The Kremlin ruled on July 28 that US President Joe Biden was “fundamentally” wrong in his analysis of Russia. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: “Russia is a nuclear power, but a very responsible nuclear power. […] and yes, we have a large oil and gas industry. But to claim that Russia has nothing else is fundamentally wrong. ”

Dmitry Peskov also assured that Russia had “not the slightest intention of interfering in electoral processes in other countries”.

These statements follow the accusations of the American head of state on July 27. Accusing Moscow of seeking to disrupt the legislative elections of 2022 in the United States by spreading “disinformation”, Joe Biden indeed considered that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Poutine had “a real problem” since he would be “at the head of an economy that has nuclear weapons and oil wells and nothing else ”. “It makes him even more dangerous in my opinion,” added Joe Biden.

These exchanges come as Moscow and Washington continue on July 28 in Geneva the strategic dialogue started by Vladimir Poutine and Joe Biden in June during a summit. The meeting, which takes place behind closed doors and in the absence of the media between senior diplomatic officials of the two countries, must deal with thorny issues related to arms control.

Despite everything, Dmitri Peskov said on the same day that this meeting in Geneva was “a positive sign”. “The contacts are taking place and this is a plus”, he added, while calling not to consider these negotiations as “the beginning of an era of partnership” between the two countries.

The US representation in Geneva released two images of the heads of delegation, showing Wendy Sherman and Sergei Riabkov banging their elbows in greeting in front of an American flag and a Russian flag. The second image shows the two diplomats, masked, facing each other.

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