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For Macron, the slap received in Tain is a “foolish and violent act” – RT in French

During an interview given to BFMTV, Emmanuel Macron returned to the episode of the slap he received during his visit to Tain-l’Hermitage in the Drôme. A gesture that he considers “imbecile and violent” but that he refuses to trivialize.

The slap received by the President of the Republic at Tain-l’Hermitage in the Drôme never ceases to arouse many comments, between indignation and sarcasm.

The man accused of slapping Emmanuel Macron, Damien T., went to court immediately after his home was searched.

The prosecutor requested 18 months of prison without modification of sentence with warrant of committal and asked the court to exempt Damien T. from any fine but to prohibit him definitively from any exercise in the public service. He was finally sentenced on June 10 to 18 months in prison, 14 of which were suspended for this assault.

Asked by our colleagues from BFMTV, the president reduced the symbolism of this gesture by affirming that during his tour, “what[il] sen[t] rather in the country, it is optimism ”.

“The company is optimistic,” says Emmanuel Macron

The President of the Republic continued in this direction by arguing that the slap received would only be an epiphenomenon isolated from any broader social context: “Let us not make this imbecile and violent act say more than it should be done to it. say.” He thus refused despite everything to qualify the attitude of Damien T. of “real violence” while underlining that “one should not in spite of everything trivialize that, because whoever carries a public authority has a right to respect”.

Emmanuel Macron went on to say, resolutely positive: “The company is optimistic, the return to life, the return to work, and for me, that’s what is important.” Insisting on the return to work, he has also repeated over and over again that “many people want to get back to their jobs, to work full time.”

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