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for Karine Lacombe, if “we do not want to be vaccinated, we change jobs” – RT in French

While the vaccination obligation will come into force on September 15 for caregivers, the infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe declared that “when we engage in care, we think of others, and thinking of others is doing kind of being vaccinated ”.

The vaccine obligation against Covid-19 for healthcare workers will be applied from September 15, a measure that concerns 2.7 million people (88% are already vaccinated) but to which a minority remains opposed. A measure against which some caregivers are demonstrating throughout France on September 14. But for the infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe, if “we do not want to be vaccinated, we change jobs,” she explained on BFMTV on September 14.

The head of the infectious diseases department at Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris did not want to “judge the responsibility” of caregivers who do not want to use the vaccine, considering that it was a “personal decision” “Which concerns” around 5 to 10% “of the workforce of its establishment, said the scientist.

But according to her, “in the care, the interest is collective”. “When we engage in care, we think of others. And thinking about others means making sure you are vaccinated, protected so as not to contaminate yourself and not to infect others either. It is an approach that is altruistic. We do not want to be vaccinated, we change jobs, we make ourselves available, ”she explained.

Perhaps the vaccination obligation of caregivers will be transitory

Karine Lacombe nevertheless refused to attribute to staff opposed to vaccination the responsibility of logistical concerns within hospitals: “We have operational problems but which, quite honestly, are not linked to people who do not want to be vaccinated. . We have operational problems because we have personnel in burn-out, personnel who are injured, it has no connection with the vaccine, ”she assured.

To continue practicing, health professionals (hospitals, retirement homes, liberal caregivers, home helpers, firefighters, ambulance drivers) are required to receive at least one injection of the coronavirus vaccine before September 15. But until October 16, those who haven’t received both doses will still be able to exercise with a negative test. A situation not necessarily final, according to Karine Lacombe: “Maybe it’s only temporary, like the health pass. Perhaps the obligation to vaccinate caregivers will be transitory, we will see in the future. ”

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