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For Jadot, the legalization of cannabis would make it possible to fight effectively against hard drugs – RT en français

According to environmental MEP Yannick Jadot, the legalization of cannabis would make it possible to focus more effectively on the “crackdown on hard drugs”. A vision far from being widely shared within the political world.

In an interview with France Info on April 19, Yannick Jadot, potential candidate for the next presidential election, defended the legalization of cannabis.

“When you legalize, you control the production, you control the sale. With decriminalization, you let the trafficking take place and you have no public health measure, especially for young people, ”said the ecologist who excludes de facto the idea of ​​a simple “decriminalization” which, according to him, would allow “trafficking” to take place.

“But no!”, Swept the MEP when asked the question of the risk of “sliding towards hard drugs”. “In European countries where there is a reduction in the risk of addiction, a reduction in diseases, especially psychological related to addictions, the reduction in trafficking, it is the countries that have legalized [le cannabis] and which allow to focus in terms of repression on hard drugs ”.

Legalization of cannabis: the political class divided

At Figaro, Emmanuel Macron held a speech exactly the opposite: “How many young people, because they start to smoke in college, leave the school system completely and waste their chances? And I’m not even talking about the effects of sliding to harder drugs, ”he said while pointing to simple users.

“We roll a joint in his living room and in the end we feed the most important source of insecurity,” he said, claiming the “70,000 tort fines” drawn up against drug users. “It means something clear: if you get caught as a consumer, you know that you are going to have to pay and that you are not going to escape it”, he had further clarified.

Within the political class, the subject divides: France rebellious supports legalization, the Socialist Party is positioned “favorable” to a debate but the tone is quite different on the right of the political spectrum. The Republicans as well as the National Rally, have indeed regularly displayed their opposition to such an initiative.

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