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For Didier Raoult, shisha is partly responsible for the spread of Covid-19 – RT in French

Professor Didier Raoult in a recent video hypothesized a relationship between the use of hookah and the spread of Covid-19 among younger generations, before warning of its dangers from an epidemiological point of view .

The director of IHU Méditerranée-Infection said in a video posted on March 2 that “shisha was a perfect experimental model for transmission.” “We looked at what could be a new cause of transmission and during a small investigation […] I did not realize the extent that the consumption of shisha in our European countries and in the United States has grown, it has become enormous ”, first noted the epidemiologist before abounding in comments that we can find at 11 minutes: “This thing is disgusting […] if we do this thing in which there is saliva, including if we change the mouthpiece, it is an extraordinary experimental model for transmitting respiratory diseases ”.

The professor, a great defender of hydroxychloroquine during the year 2020 wondered about the relationship of the explosion of cases of Covid-19 among 25-35 year olds to this phenomenon. “Infectious diseases […] it is always linked to the use of a new technology or to a change of ecosystem [or] these things did not exist, ”he argues. He added: “there had already been work done on the transmission of outbreaks of tuberculosis at the same time as shisha, it is work that has been done in Australia”.

The common use of hookahs poses a danger

“I informed the Ministry of Health of my opinion on this problem and therefore I think that in the current situation, shisha should not be shared. […] The common use of hookahs represents a danger, ”he concluded.

The infectious disease specialist confided in the Figaro Magazine, ahead of the publication on February 11, 2021 of its Covid-19 War Notebooks (ed. Michel Lafon). In an interview published on February 5, the director of the IHU Méditerranée in Marseille returned to the many debates he has provoked since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The professor then indicated that he had no regrets about the various controversies he may have aroused.

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