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For Biden, withdrawal from Afghanistan marks the end of American interventionism

With a determined tone, Joe Biden defended his decision to end the American war in Afghanistan, despite the strong criticism around the evacuation operations, chaotic and bereaved by a heavy attack.

We were a nation at war for too long

“I give you my word, from the bottom of my heart. I am convinced that it is the right decision, the wise decision, and the best decision for America, ”said the American president during a solemn speech from the White House on August 31st. “We were a nation at war for too long,” he said, adding that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan marked not only the end of the war, but also the end of the era of military intervention. Americans “aiming to change other countries”.

The American president affirmed that the choice had been “simple” after the agreement reached by his predecessor Donald Trump with the Taliban in 2020: “Either follow the commitment made by the previous administration and leave Afghanistan, or say that we would not leave and send tens of thousands of soldiers back to war ”.

“The real choice was between starting or climbing. I was not going to prolong this eternal war and I was not going to prolong the eternal withdrawal ”, he concluded on this subject. The evacuation was mourned on August 26 by an attack claimed by the Afghan branch of Daesh, which killed more than a hundred people including 13 American soldiers near the Kabul airport. In his speech Joe Biden warned the jihadist group: “We are not done with you”. He promised to pursue “a tough, ruthless, focused and precise strategy that tracks terror where it is today, not where it was two decades ago.”

Biden criticizes Afghan army and Trump after disorderly withdrawal from Kabul

Joe Biden also used his televised address to dismiss criticism of his decision not to postpone the final US withdrawal from Afghanistan while acknowledging that not all US nationals on Afghan soil could be evacuated. .

The American head of state thus criticized the inability of the fallen Afghan government to organize a response to the Taliban offensive, which forced the United States and its NATO allies to a humiliating evacuation. He also blamed his predecessor, Donald Trump, for the current situation.

The Trump administration’s deal with the Taliban allowed “the release of 5,000 prisoners last year, including some of the top Taliban officers, who are among those who have taken control” of the country, he said. -He underlines. “When I took office, the Taliban were militarily in their strongest position since 2001 since they controlled almost half of the country,” he added.

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