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Football fans cushion the cat’s fall from the stadium’s top deck with the American flag

The fur flew during a University of Miami football game on Saturday and luckily some fans caught it.

Viral videos of a cat swinging by its claws from the top deck of Hard Rock Stadium have revealed the happy and patriotic ending as well.

Some quick-witted spectators held up an American flag to cushion the kitten’s fall after it fell from above.

“He was there for a little while with his two front paws, then one paw, and then I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s coming soon,’ said Craig Cromer, who brings a flag to every home game, at the New York Post.

“The strangest thing that has ever happened in a game,” his wife, Kimberly Cromer, told The Associated Press.

The press service reported that the cat “showed no signs of injury.”

The the cat has landed safely, according to the stadium’s Twitter account. “We wish the cat the best in their remaining eight lives,” the stadium tweeted.

Miami beat Appalachian State 25-23, but the best catch came off the field, AP noted.


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