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Fonderie de Bretagne: “Be proud of what you are!  “- Fonderie de Bretagne: what future?

The voices are a little scratchy, the features more drawn but the determination is still strong at the Fonderie de Bretagne, in Caudan, on the fourth day of occupation of the plant. “It is out of the question to return to work. We want to stay in the Renault group, recover our volumes. We are sure of what we do, of what we are ”, proclaimed Maël Le Goff, this Friday April 30, during the now traditional speech of 2 pm.

Volumes, this is what has been hammered by founders for several months, since the 2019 fire which devastated a molding line. “This factory is only viable in 3/8, it is not an ubiquitous demand, it is a demand for workers”.

A video that makes you cringe

A video is turning a lot in recent days among employees. Uploaded by Groupe Renault, the 4’30 ” clip promotes the Fonderie de Bretagne: “Unique know-how”, “Impeccable quality”, “Professionals at the service of quality”, ” 100 M € has been investing since 2011 ”,“ Women and men driving the business ”. Neat images, captivating music, smiles and employees at work, sales enough for a factory that we are trying to separate and that makes the strikers cringe, who use these same arguments to convince that Renault must not let go. .

A flyer on the “Foundry of Brittany and the environment”, published by the Renault group in December 2020, is also circulating this Friday, April 30. He praises the plant’s efforts in terms of water and waste management, the quality of atmospheric emissions and prides itself on equipping electric cars while Renault justifies, in particular, its departure from Caudan by the fall of the sale of thermal vehicles.

Debate on the future of the foundry: Loher will not be there but supports the employees

A subject that will undoubtedly be addressed this Saturday, May 1, during the debate on the future of foundry, organized at the Kerbihan market hall, in Hennebont, after the parade. Maël Le Goff calls on employees to come dressed in their recognizable work clothes: “Be proud of what you are, cross-country skiers! “.

Jean-Michel Jacques, Damien Girard, Gilles Carréric and Fabrice Vély will participate in this debate. Fabrice Loher declined the invitation: “I consider that the role of the president of Lorient Agglomeration is not to be at the union demonstration on May 1 but to be permanently with the authorities to ensure that answers are given. made. The employees and their families can count on my support and my determination so that the Caudan site has a future ”, expressed the president of Lorient Agglomeration on Facebook.

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