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Fogging in the car: here’s why air conditioning is more efficient, but at a certain price

Temperature differences in winter often cause fogging in a car’s windows, which takes time to clear. Air conditioning would be the effective tool to eliminate humidity, but this solution is not without a price.

Air conditioning is ideal for defogging your vehicle, even in winter, because the air that comes out is drier and quickly expels humidity.

“This is why most automobile manufacturers have automated the air conditioning function on their recent models,” underlined the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) on its website.

In the most recent cars, the air is therefore automatically conditioned when the windshield ventilation function is activated.

Although this option seems very practical, you must pay attention to your fuel indicator at the same time since air conditioning is known to consume gasoline.

How to save a few dollars?

However, there are other steps that complement air conditioning and can help you save a little on fuel, and therefore do some good for your wallet.

In particular, it is recommended to lower a window slightly in order to ventilate it well before starting the air conditioning. It is also possible to select the other ventilation outlets so that the air circulates throughout the interior and not just towards the windshield.

For its part, CAA-Quebec points out that clean windows will tend to fog up less quickly.

“It is also preferable to choose rubber mats, since these will not soak up snow and water, which are subsequently evacuated in the form of humidity,” he explained.

What about electric cars?

Electric vehicles are no exception to the phenomenon, while air conditioning increases energy consumption and reduces battery range, explained David Marcille, spokesperson for CAA-Quebec.

“The best advice to give is to preheat the passenger compartment while the car is connected to the terminal, to defrost and heat as much as possible with energy from the network rather than that stored in the battery,” he said. suggested.

CAA-Quebec also advised promoting the use of heated benches and steering wheels, “because the heating system consumes more energy than these components.”

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