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Floyd was “trying to breathe with his fingers and knuckles” while Chauvin held him down.

This series of still images from body worn camera footage was shown to Dr. Martin Tobin during his testimony. Tobin noted the significance of a picture where you see Floyd reaching out with his knuckles pressed against the tires of the team car as Chauvin is above him. Swimming pool

Dr Martin Tobin, an expert in pulmonology, said there was “absolutely no way” that Floyd’s chest could dilate properly to breathe.

During his testimony, Tobin had seen a series of still images of camera footage worn on the body of the scene he had previously examined. At one point, Tobin noted the importance of an image where you see Floyd reaching out with his knuckles pressed against the team car’s tires as Chauvin is on top of him.

Tobin said, “To most people it doesn’t sound very meaningful. But to a physiologist it is extraordinarily significant.”

“This tells you that he’s exhausted his resources and is now literally trying to breathe with his fingers and knuckles,” he added.

He continued, “Because when you start to breathe you start to breathe with your rib cage and diaphragm. Then the next thing you recruit after that is your sternum muscle which is the big muscle in your neck. – These are wasted, so you rely on these types of muscles like your fingers to try to stabilize your entire right side. Because it’s totally dependent on getting the air through to the right side. ”

Tobin said he concluded that Floyd was “using his fingers and knuckles against the street to try and pull the right side of his chest up.”

“It’s his only way of trying to get air into the right lung,” he said.

On his left side, Tobin said, Floyd was similarly trying to use his shoulder to breathe. He said that “because the underlying breast is so enlarged, you get very, very little air.”

“It’s a really bad way to breathe. But it’s the right thing to do when all else fails,” he said.



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