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Florida woman hospitalized with Covid returns home to find husband dead of same disease

A Florida woman who was hospitalized for more than a week with Covid-19 said she had returned home in what she described as a “nightmare” – her husband had died of the same illness during her absence.

Lisa Steadman, of Winter Haven – about 80 miles southwest of Orlando – told NBC affiliate WFLA that her husband, Ron Steadman, was first diagnosed with Covid in early August, but at the back then, it didn’t seem like a “bad cold”.

But Steadman, 58, also fell with Covid and passed out, then was rushed to hospital, where she remained for eight days. Ron Steadman, 55, stayed at home to watch the dogs.

Lisa Steadman spent several days in a hospital recovering from Covid-19 and when she returned home she found that her husband had died of complications from the virus. Neither had received the Covid-19 vaccine.Lisa Steadman

While in hospital, Steadman was unable to make contact with her husband. She asked the local police for a welfare check and they said he was fine.

But less than 48 hours later, Lisa returned home on August 18 from the hospital to find her deceased husband in bed. The dogs, she said, were starving and near death.

“I can’t get that image out of my mind,” Steadman told WFLA. “I wish I would never have found it like this.”

The two Steadmans were not vaccinated.

“We both felt it hadn’t been tested enough yet. Now, after being in the hospital and talking with my doctor, when I can take it, I will take it in September, ”she said.

Steadman did not immediately respond to an NBC News request for comment.

Florida struggled with a record-breaking Covid surge in August, just as children were heading back to class. School nurses across the state have been overwhelmed by the lack of Covid guarantees in schools.

Governor Ron. DeSantis has banned local school boards from issuing face mask warrants, but on Friday a Florida judge ruled the order unconstitutional and allowed schools to continue to require masks for students. DeSantis said Florida will appeal the decision.

Meanwhile, weeks after Florida recorded several days of record daily Covid cases, its death toll reached its highest level yet during the coronavirus pandemic.