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Florida School Suspends Yearbook Distribution Over Black Lives Matter Section

A Florida high school suspended distribution of its yearbook after complaints about a Black Lives Matter section on its pages.

Distribution of the West Broward High School yearbook was halted from Friday to Monday “while the school administration assessed concerns expressed,” said Keyla Concepcion, Broward County Public Schools Communications Office .

Concepcion told NBC News that those who raised their concerns felt “the spread did not include other social movements.”

The school eventually decided to continue selling the yearbook, but with an insert saying that “As a government entity, the Broward County School Board must maintain a neutral stance on all political opinions; therefore, the opinions expressed in the directory are not sponsored by the Quartier. “

“Broward County Public Schools support and encourage free speech for students,” the district said in a statement. “As the yearbook is intended to highlight notable and newsworthy events of that year, the student journalists exercised their freedom of expression by documenting the movement.”

Student reporters who worked on the yearbook, called The Edge, said in a statement to the student body that “editors and staff are always working hard to provide students with a book that accurately describes the year.”

“And with the inclusion of the BLM page, we think we’ve done just that,” the staff said.

“The BLM page is intended to give students a voice that is so often taken from them and allow them to discuss the importance of the BLM movement to them as it has become a fight for their lives,” the statement said.

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