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Florida man uses wheelie bin to capture alligator in his backyard |  US News

A US Army veteran who discovered a hissing alligator outside his home used a wheelie bin to corner and capture the reptile.

Eugène Bozzi, from Mount Dora in the center Florida, was filmed sliding the overturned bin towards the alligator as it slowly backed up.

He flipped the lid down to trap the animal as it struggled, before lifting the trash can and rolling it around to the cheers of the neighbors.

Mr Bozzi, 26, then carefully negotiated a steep grass embankment and pushed the trash can to free the alligator near a lake.

The 26-year-old picked up the alligator from the trash. Credit: Roy Bonilla

He told the New York Post that his daughter had alerted him to the creature wandering around his property.

“My daughter was riding a bike and she said, ‘Hey, that big alligator just whistled at me!’” He said.

He added: “I went there, and it was bigger than me. There were other people’s children too. The military instinct kicked in – and, you know, ‘protect yourself. at all costs “.”

Florida is estimated to be home to more than one million alligators, including about five million in the Southeastern United States.

Earlier in September, human remains were found inside a 12-foot alligator who allegedly attacked a man in floodwaters caused by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana.