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Flash flood warning in effect for parts of area until early afternoon – NBC Chicago

After an overcast and mostly dry Saturday, Chicago area residents wake up to gloomy skies and a very rainy morning Sunday, with a flash flood warning in effect for parts of the region.

The warning is in effect for parts of Cook and DuPage counties until 1:30 p.m. this afternoon, as precipitation rates are expected to remain steady until then.

Sunday morning also starts off a little cooler, with temperatures in the 60s and without much room to warm up, with high temperatures expected in the mid to 60s for much of the region.

Despite widespread showers early in the day, precipitation is expected to dissipate in the afternoon, with even a chance for sunshine peaking in the late afternoon into early evening.

From there, temperatures are expected to drop into the mid-50s overnight, with a mostly cloudy but likely dry night on the way.

High temperatures on Monday are expected to be in the 70s, beginning a gradual series of warming temperatures throughout next week that could end with highs of 80 degrees on Thursday and Friday.

NBC Chicago

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