Flailing CNN adds Bill Maher segment to Friday nights

CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that airs conspiracy theories and political violence, is adding a Bill Maher segment to its failing Friday night lineup.

Already, the discredited national joke we call CNN is taking its worst ratings in nearly a decade. Indeed, new CNN chief Chris Licht thinks he can save CNN by retaining the same anchors that forever destroyed public trust.

What to do? What to do?

Apparently CNN decided that wasn’t leftist enough already, so why not add leftist Bill Maher to the Friday night lineup.

More of the same!


Yes, CNN will now air Maher’s “Overtime” segment from its Friday night HBO show Real time with Bill Maher. Each week after HBO airs, Maher saves guests for the “Overtime” segment, which is currently available online.

Of course, sometimes Maher colors outside the left lines. But beyond that, why does CNN think an HBO show that only gets 800,000 viewers will improve its abysmal ratings? Like CNN, Maher is part of the leftist elitist bubble.

HBO has nearly 40 million subscribers in the United States and less than a million watches Real time. I’m sure that number increases over the week as people catch up, but that doesn’t change my overall point. Bill Maher is not a mainstream success. Instead, he is an elitist serving a small niche. Sure, that niche is a bit bigger than CNN’s, but that’s no way to boost ratings.

Additionally, CNN is taking sloppy seconds on HBO’s YouTube channel.

How sad?

All mine to expose the crisis CNN is facing right now: stopping the bleeding. Never in a million years would Licht have imagined things could get worse since he took over. There’s no doubt in my mind that everyone at CNN thought, We have a support base of 800,000 viewers that will never leave us and all we have to do is build on that.

Well, now that base is running away. CNN’s prime-time audience is now below 500,000.

Maher is smarter and more interesting than the jerk Jimmys. However, he’s still a leftist, still only appealing to a niche audience, and anyone who wants to watch Maher is already an HBO subscriber.

And what will happen when Maher says something honest and truthful? What is CNN going to do if it questions the Chinese flu vaccine or the Ukraine war or another leftist holy cow? How will Maher feel when fascist lightweights like Don Lemon, John Berman and Jake Tapper start accusing him of spreading “misinformation”?

If CNN was really interested in ratings, the failing network would have gone to Greg Gutfeld and offered him everything it wanted to move to CNN, including editorial freedom. Instead, every night, Gutfeld not only beats all the late-night simps like Colbert and the Jimmys, but he also draws twice as many viewers as Maher. Gutfeld does this Each weeknight.

I never thought CNN would fall so low in ratings.

God really loves us.

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