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five dead in suicide bombing in Mogadishu

A Somali police spokesperson said five people were killed in an April 3 suicide bombing at a cafe in the capital Mogadishu. A child is among the victims.

Five civilians, including a child, were killed on April 3 in a suicide bombing targeting a café in the capital Mogadishu. “Around 7:00 p.m. ([locales], a suicide bomber set off the explosives he was carrying in a cafe frequented by young people, ”Sadiq Dudishe, a Somali police spokesman, said in a statement. Four of these young people, as well as a child, were killed in the explosion, he detailed, adding that the perpetrator of the attack was also dead. Four people were also injured.

According to a witness, Ali Mohamed, the suicide bomber walked among the crowd of customers on the terrace of the establishment, next to a police station.

“I was leaving a restaurant about a hundred meters away, I was shocked by the explosion, which was very strong. I saw people running and carrying wounded, ”he said. “The police cordoned off the area, but I saw several corpses being loaded into ambulances, they were young men, two of them came from my neighborhood,” he added.

If for the moment, the attack has not been claimed, the suspicions are directed towards the Shabab Islamists affiliated with al-Qaeda, who have sworn the loss of the fragile Somali government supported at arm’s length by the international community. They regularly carry out attacks in the Somali capital from which they were driven out in 2011 by Amisom, the force of the African Union (AU).

Details to follow …

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